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‘From a common man to being the founder of a growing Fintech Company’ 

Priyanka Allu | June 13, 2022

A former software engineer who came from humble beginnings, Rathnavel Anandhakumar, built an ambitious and growing Fintech company, inspiring and instilling the hope that anyone can achieve success with dedicated focus and passion.

Rathnavel Anandhakumar’s story rightfully justifies the saying – ‘If there is a will, there is a way.’ When asked about his journey ‘From a common man to being the founder of a growing Fintech Company’, the Chennai-born, CEO of Ascertain Technologies and now the founding partner of Fintech product RinggitPay Payment Gateway and IT Software & Services company, Finforz Technologies Pvt Ltd candidly shares with us his life motto and the three values that continue to guide him even today.

Often success of a company is devoted to happy customers. We say it is partially true. The real success of a company depends on both customers and employees. A happy employee equals to a happy client. As he commonly quotes, “Work for Yourself. Not for Company”, let us look at what he means by ‘Work for Yourself’ and the 3 values that map the road to success.

What we mean by ‘Work for Yourself. Not for Company’?

Hailing from a lower middle-class family with no powerful or influential background, ‘I have always believed in myself, and the ability to upskill oneself’ he says. I tell this to my people as well. I ask them to ‘Work for themselves, for their dreams and passion’. I tell them when you are happy with your work, success will always come looking for you. And when you grow, we grow.

I believe that ‘It is the people who create the company, and not the other way round.’ Like a seed requires fertile land to grow, a potential employee requires a platform that is supportive of his/her growth and ideas. This is the responsibility of an employer, and the driving force of our company, Finforz Technologies, where we strive to build a community that believes in and thrives on inclusive growth.

The beginning of my journey: 3 values that map the road to success

Always be thankful to your roots – Be grounded to your values, and thankful to your parents, family & friends who have been a part of your journey.

Sounds sentimental, but it is important. “You must appreciate be grateful of all that you have rather than complaining or giving excuses of I was born in a poor family or my parents are not educated, society denied me opportunities and others. All these are not in our hands. What we have today is our present and the chances to make this present look more like the future you dream about is in your hands.

Leaving a well-paid job, with all top-rated facilities and benefits was quite a decision considering having a family to look after. Thanks to my wife and my family, who have always been supportive of my dreams and aspirations.” With big dreams, a handful of savings, a few freshers, whom I call as my treasures, and my dear colleagues, we managed to land up on a big project that paved our way to our dream today. 

Upskill yourself – Create value wherever you go. Update, Upgrade and Upskill yourself with time and requirements.

We must be always open to updating, upgrading, and upskilling from what we are today. That is the mantra for the survival of the fittest. “Today I see a lot of people complaining that they don’t have a job. I say that it is not possible at all. With the number of opportunities and job requirements available today, anyone can have a decent job given the required skills. And according to me, skills can be developed. I take myself as an example. I am a BSc. Chemistry graduate. Yes, you heard that right. It is another thing that I, later on, mastered in IT. But having no background in IT and having studied in Tamil medium up until my college, I have upskilled myself in every stage of my life. I worked for myself, and continue to do the same. My journey is not uncommon, but also not easy.” he narrates.

Uplift others – Inspire people and carry them along with you on your way to success. Happiness is real when shared.

Our success is a true success when we pull other people along with us. When we started this journey, we were a small crew having deep passion and love for what we do. We worked and kept working for our common goal, but more so for ourselves and our big dream, which is; To share a space with like-minded people who want to grow and learn wilfully by taking complete ownership. As we take a look back, we observe that it is our belief that turned into a culture, that stood tall and strong throughout the ups and downs of our journey. Today, we do not have one owner, we have multiple shareholders of the company.

We aim to uplift more people along with us, for we believe in the saying ‘Common people make powerful companies.’ 

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The journey continues…  

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